Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cream Maru Obi /w Kiku and Ume

Took only 7 month to arrive -.- But I am very happy with it <3

For Aichi (^.^) some design pics:
main design, repetitive
smaller design, backside
The main design is partially embroidered on one side and one end (tare), while the smaller one shows only once on this side. On the backside the bigger design shows only once, while the smaller one is repetitive.


  1. wow it is a beautiful one, congratulations

  2. 7 months? WT ... *haha* Where did you bought it?
    Very interesting design.

    Do you have a picture of it where I can see the whole pattern?

    Which kimono you want to wear with it? =)

  3. @Sekhet: Thank you (^.^)

    @Aichi: RyuJapan... I ordered it in February and should have been sent with SAL. Well it was sent with SAL, but on 25th August o.O At least the package says so... no comment.

    I don't have one, but I'll take one for you, just give me a minute ;-)

  4. My houmongi was also just shipped back to Japan and I didn´t got any information about it. Then I won something from Ryu, they told me about it ... idiots xD

    Thank you for the extra pictures.
    What a cute and lovely design LIKE ♥

  5. Really beautiful obi!
    I love this design.