Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold and Pink Handbag with Sakura

Gold and Pink Zouri, with Sakura

Red Sakura Hanjuban

Red Butterfly Obi

Orange Nagoya-obi with Momiji

Ensembles: (1), (2)

Cream Furisode SOLD

This one found a new, caring owner.

Purple Haori with Momiji

Mitake: 130 cm
Sodetake: 46 cm
Wingspan: 127 cm

Ensembles: (1)

Bordeaux Hikizuri with Kiku

Ensembles: (1)

Red Hanjuban with Kiku and Hiragana

Customized into Hanjuban and Susoyoke.
Sodetake: 46 cm
Wingspan: 132 cm

Light Green Juban with Sakura, Momiji, Flowing Water

Lenghtened to fit me.

White Synthetic Ro Juban