Saturday, April 23, 2011

Black/Red Furisode Bolt

Pre-cut to be made into Furisode, comes with orange hakkake lining fabric.


  1. I love this design...It is very beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Kumiko ^^ I love it very much, too. But because I love it so much I am afraid to sew it myself (T.T)

  3. Hello, I'm a soon to be bride and I'm planning to wear a beautifull kimono inspired dress. I have fallen in love with this fabric for my dress. Could you tell me please where I can find fabric bolts like this red and black with blossoms? I've been looking for months for "the fabric". I live in Aruba where fabric like this is hard to find. Thanks!

    1. A good source for vintage kimono and bolts is They have alot of Weddingkimono too, which fabrics are great for Wedding dresses. They are very helpful and maybe they can help you finding something specific.
      Only problem is: Like the one I own, most bolts for formal kimono (these usually have the loveliest patterns) are pre-cut to be tailored into kimono. So it may be difficult to make other garments of it. But not impossible.

      Wish you all the best finding your special fabric for your very special day (^.^)