Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Selfsewn Furisode

This was the first kimono, my grandmother sewed together for me. I bought it as a Karinui.


  1. Was genau ist ein Karinui?
    Sieht aber echt super aus :D

  2. That's really cool! Such pretty design, I love the waterfalls!
    You have a talented grandmother, I'm pretty sure everyone I know would be afraid to sew something so unfamiliar.
    Is it lined or hitoe?

  3. @Aichi: Karinui sind unfertige Kimono, die nur zugeschnitten und lose zusammengenäht wurden um zu gucken ob das Muster passt. Das gibt es nur bei formellen kimono, wie Tomesode, Houmongi oder halt Furisode. Alle anderen Kimono werden unfertig als Stoffrollen angeboten.

  4. @Johanna: It is completely lined in white and cyan blue at the bottom and sleeve holes. There are several small mistakes in this kimono, but most of them won't be seen when worn. You probably won't see them in this picture either (^.^) I do have some other though, where they can be seen XD